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WHO: GM&T brings together a diverse technical team that allows us to meet customer demands for both quality and delivery time.  Gremer's roots extend back to the mid-1940s. What began then as a family business has evolved into a modern manufacturing organization that is focused on meeting the specific needs of industrial and commercial customers. GM&T team members have significant experience in product design and manufacturing as well.  Many of us have also lived on the customer-side of the business, as large-scale consumers of precision machined products. We strive to be a dependable partner to our own customers, by applying our experience as both suppliers and customers, to every business interaction.

WHAT: Gremer Machine and Tool has developed a complete manufacturing facility that combines the speed and precision of CNC milling and turning with the flexibility of selected manual machines, within a modern process flow driven by our quality management system (QMS). GM&T specializes in 2.5D and 3D CNC milling, CNC turning, and industrial welding processes.  We maintain a 7,700 square foot facility in Santa Fe Springs, CA, in close proximity to a number of external service providers that supply specific material processing capabilities that are outside of our operational wheelhouse. As needed, we also stand ready to help you with design-related tasks .

WHY: Our experience on both sides of the customer-supplier equation has reinforced the adage that "the customer is king".  At GM&T, we understand that we are the supplier and that our customers are the only reason for being in this business. Your technical requirements and your schedule are our primary drivers. With a few practical exceptions, we do NOT define a narrow set of rules that our customers must follow. In fact, the opposite holds: the customer sets the technical and schedule requirements, and GM&T strives to meet them.