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Start With a Request for Quotation (RFQ)

GM&T treats every part as a distinct job. The end-to-end process for fabricating and shipping finished goods follows a well-defined set of steps.   No matter how simple a design, or even if it is a repeat of a previous job, the first step is for the customer to submit a request a quotation. 

                     RFQ via EMAIL--Send to: quotes@gremermachine.com

                         RFQ via Web Site--

An RFQ should include a set of design files [see --Standard File Formats--], desired quantities and lead times to be quoted, and any other attributes or requirements not specified in the design documents. Naturally, we need to know who you are (point-of-contact name and company name) and how we can best contact you (phone, email, billing address, etc.).


Once we have this information, we can get started. We will contact you if we have any questions. Our initial steps will include a design review that leads to decision to quote the job. If the work is a poor fit with our capabilities or our current workflow, then we will tell you very quickly.  Otherwise, we will promptly generate and submit a binding quotation. The quotation will be attached to an email message that will provide specific ordering instructions.  


We welcome and accept RFQs that contain multiple part designs. We will review each item and provide quotations for them, following the same process.



The GM&T Order Process

Customers can expect each part order to follow a clearly defined set of steps.  These are:

1. Customer Submission of RFQ


2. GM&T Technical Review/Decision to Quote

3. GM&T Quotation



4. Customer Order

5. Order Confirmation

 6. Order Tracking

7. Order Shipment




8. GM&T Follow-Up




9. Invoice

 You  supply an RFQ that includes basic information (customer details, material,  quantity, and any special requirements)  as well as a set of  design files. Standard design file formats, (--formats--) usually include 3D CAD models and/or 2D drawings, to adequately specify the part.

 GM&T will promptly review the RFQ and design files for completeness, and to confirm our capability for performing the work. We will  then provide a quotation as quickly as possible.  However, if we are unable to produce a part using our processes, we will notify you quickly of a “no-bid”. 

Within two (2) business days, GM&T will provide a binding quotation that shows per-piece and extended pricing for any and all delivery times that we can commit to.  Quotations will be sent via email. Quotations, and subsequent customer orders, will be governed by GM&T's General Terms and Conditions of Sale  (--Terms and Conditions--).

The customer orders a part in the quoted quantity by selecting a specific delivery time shown in the quotation, and providing standard order  information (ship to/bill to addresses and payment information) This sets the firm pricing for the job.  We accept formal purchase order documents (POs), as well as well as  written order instructions, via email.  Depending upon the status of established credit terms, orders may be placed on a credit account or handled as a COD order. GM&T will contact you promptly to clarify any necessary details.

Entry and acceptance of a valid order will be confirmed via an email from GM&T. This will arrive within one (1) business day after receipt of order (ARO).  The message will provide a GM&T Order Number (O#), the total amount o f the order, and a ship-by date. The email will also provide a GM&T Job Number (“J#”: Jxxxxxx format) and an anonymous Tracking Number ("T#": Tyyyyyyy format)  for each distinct part in the order. The  O# provides the simplest entry point into our business processes. 

Throughout our manufacturing process, a customer can view order status via our Order Tracking page (--Order Tracking--). An online display board tracks all current and recent jobs via the anonymous T#. The tool lists job milestones by completion time and date. No customer or design-specific information is accessible. 

By the obligated date, cleaned and inspected parts will be packed and shipped to the customer. The shipment will include an Inspection Report, a Certificate of Conformance, and a Shipping List. Where possible, we will aggregate multiple jobs into a single shipment.  Our Shipping Processes and Terms document (--Shipping--) describes our policies on this. We will email pertinent shipment information (tracking number, delivery mode and time, etc.) to you at the time of shipment, and we will monitor shipment status up to time that you receive it.

After GM&T has verified receipt of  the order, we will contact you to verify that the order has been fulfilled to your satisfaction, or to understand what further assistance you may need from us. Naturally, we invite you to contact us if something has not been done to your satisfaction.

Following shipment, GM&T will provide a formal invoice. This will generally be via email, however, we can provide hard copies in accordance with specific customer instructions. The invoice will list payment terms and a number of payment options (including check, wire transfer, ACH, and credit card).  An online payment option (--Online Payment--) is also available. Note that on COD orders, we will generally contact you before shipment, to arrange for any required payment.