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Order Tracking

Gremer Machine and Tool carefully tracks and logs all of the processes that are used to

fulfill your order. We record dates and times associated with the completion of key processing milestones. We are happy make a selected subset of these data available to our customers, allowing them to track the progress of their order. Our Order Tracking tool displays data by anonymous "Tracking Numbers" (T#), that are provided to you at the time of order entry. As each part in your order represents a separate process flow, it is assigned a unique T# in this system.  Noone outside of GM&T is granted access to your tracking number, or any of your account or job-related information. 

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Description of Tracking Milestones

Material Received:  Receipt at Gremer of either customer-supplied material, or material that we purchase on your behalf.

Design and Setup Work: Catch-all description of a number of tasks that precede actual

machining operations. These can include (minor) adjustment of customer design 

information, design and creation of job-specific tooling, and programming of CNC machines. If we are providing more comprehensive design  services for you, then  their completion will be shown here as well.

Machining: Metal shaping using our internal CNC and manual machining processes.

Additional Services: Specialized services that we outsource to trusted local suppliers. These include heat treatment and hardening, grinding and other surface machining, and plating.  As their might be multiple services applied to any one job, we mark this step as completed after the last of them are finished, and after we receive the parts back at Gremer.

Final Inspection: An independent measurement process that validates that  the parts meet or exceed your design specifications. Gremer measures a representative sample of each lot and provides data to you in the form of an inspection report.

Shipment: We record the date and time when a shipment has been released to a carrier. In some cases, Gremer will make deliveries to customers ourselves. 

Shipment Received By Customer: We track shipments and we note when the carrier states that it has been delivered to you.

Customer Follow-Up: After we verify receipt of the shipment, we will contact you to ensure that the order has been fulfilled to your satisfaction.